Sign up to MusicApprentice

Once you’ve successfully purchased your subscription you’ll receive an email confirmation with your unique Subscription Code. Music Teacher Association members will receive their unique Subscription Code via email from their local MTA representative. After you receive this email, follow these simple steps to activate your account:

  1. Choose whether to use your Google account or email address to sign up. If choosing to use your email address, enter a new password that you would like to use for logging into MusicApprentice.
  2. Enter your name.
  3. Enter your unique Subscription Code.
  4. Read the terms and conditions accessible by clicking the link and click the checkbox to agree.
  5. Click SIGN UP

You have now activated your account and have access to MusicApprentice. Be sure to save your details securely for future logins.

If by chance you encounter an issue after entering your details, try refreshing your browser and use the Log In button (or select the Log In tab in the pop-up screen). Enter the same details you used for signing in (Google account or email) and you should be taken to your MusicApprentice Dashboard.

Subscription Codes

Should you wish to check the details of your subscription, click Profile in the menu and select Subscription. Here, you will find the relevant details of your active subscription. If your Subscription Code has not yet been activated, simply enter your code and click the ADD SUBSCRIPTION button.

Where can I find my Subscription Code?

You will have been sent your unique Subscription Code via email upon purchasing your subscription. Music Teacher Association members will have their Subscription Code released to them by their local state MTA. You can always retrieve your code from your past emails (either from us @gradussoftware or your MTA) and re-enter it either upon Sign-Up, or if you’re still logged in, via the Subscription tab, within Profile in the MusicApprentice menu.


Most unexpected technical issues can be solved by either refreshing your browser, logging out and logging in again, or restarting your computer. However, if you’re still experiencing some issues with MusicApprentice, the following suggestions may provide a quick and easy solution:

If you’re using an obscure browser, try logging out and login in again using Google Chrome. MusicApprentice is currently optimised for Google Chrome (try to avoid using Firefox for now). The variances in source code for different browsers can sometimes cause unforeseen issues for third-party software.

If your browser has an Ad-blocker plugin installed, try disabling it for the MusicApprentice site. After all, there are no (and never will be) advertisements contained within MusicApprentice with which to block. Depending on the ad-blocking software, it can potentially conflict with filenames and URLs behind the scenes, causing the failure of some files to load.

Occasionally, some conflicting commands can arise from attempting to perform various tasks with multiple MusicApprentice accounts open simultaneously in different browser tabs/windows. In this case, logging out of all accounts and logging in to a single account again will resolve most issues.

Should any problems persist, please contact us or email your issue to